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Since 1996, Accurate Striping has partnered with numerous organizations, various commercial businesses and all levels of government to provide superior traffic control solutions designed specifically with their needs in mind. We can provide you with consultation, striping, signage and area maintenance for all your project needs as well. We invite you to partner with us as we make the seemingly ordinary truly extraordinary.

At Accurate Striping, “We earn your stripes.”

Case Studies

ADA Signage

We can survey, measure, and layout parking areas that comply with ADA (American With Disabilities Act) striping configurations and signage.

Game Court Markings

Accurate Striping can create your perfect game court for you with markings up to regulation standards that are durable and long-lasting so you can get in the game!

Parking Lots

Accurate Striping can deliver a parking lot solution for any commercial facility that can accommodate your needs for an efficient space allocation.

Airfield Striping

Accurate Striping can provide design, installation and implementation for airfield striping including runway, taxiway markings and safety markings.

Industrial and Warehouse Markings

Accurate Striping can design a working striping plan that would enable safe and efficient work flow in your warehouse.

Road Striping in Thermoplastic

Accurate Striping can provide an effective plan that improves traffic flow and safety including lane markings, gore areas, directional arrows using heavy duty durable Thermoplastic materials.

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In our nation, freedom of travel has become a way of life. Whether we walk, cycle, drive, or fly, organized and safe pathways are more than a preference. They are paramount. Trust the Accurate Striping Team to deliver, drive and park your project with safe and successful solutions!


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