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Industrial and Warehouse Striping

  • Situation:  After constructing a new 140000 square foot processing and warehousing facility, a National Agricultural Products manufacturer was in need of development and installation of an organized floor plan.
  • Task:  To design a working striping plan that would enable safe and efficient workflow from production to warehouse and on through shipping.  A very durable product was requested with an emphasis on a soiling resistant finish.
  • Action:  Accurate Striping worked with facility and department supervision to design just the right plan.  Preparing the surface by shot blasting prior to the installation of a durable, soiling resistant epoxy traffic material insured perfect bond and 5-8 years of effective use! 
  • Result:  Client expressed satisfaction with layout stating a much-needed reduction in misplaced product therefore increasing efficiency.  A much cleaner epoxy finish attracts far less dirt and soiling.  Time to complete this facility?  One day from start to finish! 

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